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Gaia Landscaping App
Gaia Landscaping App
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Gaia Landscaping App

The Gaia Project is a cross platform landscaping management system. Its main goal is to replace manual paper reports done by landscapers to their managers in multiple different landscaping companies on-site. Gaia Project have other secondary goals, which in essence attempts to improve in the quality of landscaping work and to ease landscapers performing their work.

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Headcheck App

HeadCheck is a complete concussion management and identification tool used by trained professionals in sport. With HeadCheck’s iOS app users can: Run pre-season and post-injury concussion assessments, track athlete concussion health, and get instant comparison to past test performance

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Roulette App
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Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is a gaming app that enables users to place bets with play money or real money and withdraw their winnings. It's got statistics feature for players to get more detailed analysis of the betting history.

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