What is LinDB?

LinDB(“Lin” stands for wisdom in Shanghainese) is a open-source Time Series Database which provides high performance, high availability and horizontal scalability.


  • High-performance LinDB takes a lot of best practice of TSDB and implements some optimizations based on the characteristics of time series data. Unlike writing a lot of Continuous-Query for InfluxDB, LinDB supports rollup in specific interval automatically after creating the database. Moreover, LinDB is extremely fast for parallel querying and computing of distributed time series data.
  • Multi-Active IDCs native LinDB is designed to work under a Multi-Active IDCs cloud architecture. The compute layer of LinDB, called brokers, supports efficient Multi-IDCs aggregation query.
  • High availability LinDB uses the ETCD cluster to ensure the meta-data is highly available and safely stored. In the event of failure, the Multi-channel replication protocol of WAL will avoid the problem of data inconsistency: 1). Only one person in each replication channel is responsible for the authority of the data, so the conflicts will not happen; 2). Data reliability is guaranteed: as long as the data that has not been copied in the old leader is not lost, it will be copied to other replication while the old leader is online again;
  • Horizontal scalability Series based sharding strategy in LinDB solves the hotspots problem and is truly horizontally expanded available by simply adding new broker and storage nodes.