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Some frequently asked questions

We specialize in developing apps and online portals, working with legacy systems, building features that are technically complex while also ensuring a seamless integration between different processes and applications. In short: if you have big ideas but run into complex problems, then we’re the agency for you.

Yes, we can.

Before we start your project, we’ll work with you to write a detailed project specification. This way, you’ll know exactly what the scope of work is and how much it will cost. Having this fixed price and specification protects you: if anything goes wrong or isn’t delivered as expected, you can hold us accountable. There are no hidden charges or fees – everything is clear and concise.

Getting to a fixed price and accurate specification may take some time from yourself and Fortify upfront. If you need an estimate before making that commitment, we’re happy to provide a ballpark quote. See below.

Yes, in most cases we will strive to provide you with a range or an estimate as soon as possible; usually on your first call or email. Having a rough idea of anticipated fees as soon as feasible helps you to determine whether what you’re thinking about is commercially viable and whether you want to go deeper.

Please keep in mind that ballpark estimates are educated guesstimates based on our expertise, so please do not be upset if the final price turns out to be higher or lower than what we originally anticipated. The more information you can provide us about your needs, the more accurate our base run estimate will be.

Please contact us. If you submit your concept using a contact form, one of our personnel will respond within one working day by email or phone. nIf you’d prefer to talk with one of our employees right now, call 604-265-9001 and we’ll discuss your ideas and project with you.

We never pressure anyone into purchasing anything; all conversations are completely free; and we’re always glad to assist.

We develop most of our apps to be compatible with both iOS and Android mobile platforms because it’s commonplace for people to want their applications accessible on different devices. To make this possible, we use versatile development frameworks like React and React native.

You may not realize it, but nearly every mobile app requires a web-based application to function properly. For example, when you log into an app on your phone, there is a web server in the background that checks whether you have permission to login or not.

We don’t aimlessly start working on your project requirements; we have a preliminary meeting to wrap our heads around the commercial reasons behind your project. Our goal is to gain enough knowledge early-on so that we can question the accuracy of the assumptions you’ve made regarding the features you need.

We take the time at the beginning of each project to understand your business and scope out your requirements in detail.

We refuse to simply tell you that we understand your project—you deserve proof. This is why a 10+ page requirement specification with wireframes (where appropriate) comes standard before even a single pixel is designed, or line of code is written.

A project manager will be assigned to you, who will act as your main point of contact throughout the development process. All of your requests and queries are handled through our support portal, ensuring that we get back to you as quickly as possible while also appropriately prioritizing your work. We also provide a variety of assistance and maintenance services to ensure that we are available for your needs after the launch date.

Yes, we will be assigned suitable copyright or license rights for the custom code that we write for your project. We are straightforward with intellectual property rights, and you’ll have the option to read our code ownership conditions before the work begins.

Yes, we strongly advise that you start by launching the most basic version of your idea and then improving it over time. Launching an “initial viable product” (MVP) is a staged approach to create a minimal viable product (MVP).

The point of launching an MVP is that you have to test your assumptions before going public. You can do this by releasing a simplified first version and getting feedback from users. With this information, you can prioritize future requirements based on what is most important to your target market. In other words, it allows you to avoid engineering issues down the line.

Deciding whether to commission us for specified updates or choose an AGILE monthly plan can be difficult. Our team has put together the pros and cons of each option below so that you can make the best-informed decision possible.



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