We create innovative solutions for our clients using the latest advances in technology and development. Let us help take your business idea to the next level.


Our full-service engagements and a la carte services are carefully planned to fit your project budget and delivery timeline.

If it’s soup-to-nuts mobile app development services that you need, our team will work closely with yours from Concept Discovery to Application Development. Our discovery process identifies the most important features and requirements to ensuring the app we develop for you gets the attention of everyone who uses it. If you already have an app but want to freshen it up, we offer Enhanced Design services where we can revise and optimize your existing design or create a whole new look from scratch to execute your end vision. App Refreshers will kickstart a stalled or underperforming app while Upgrades enable your app to take advantage of features in the latest versions of iOS or Android. .

Here at Fortify, we are accustomed to project takeovers. In fact, we have a lot of experience with legacy systems and older coding languages. We can:

  • We can either take over the development of the platform for you, or
  • If you’re looking to rebuild an old system, we can use the system as a model from which to build a plan for a new, modern application.

Every app concept begins as a thought; the next step is to make our features list or Scope document tangible. The Scope document is a written version of your concept, as well as anything and everything you can imagine for how the app might function. It’s critical to keep track of what features the application will offer and how much information you want them to have at this stage.

Payments are made on Milestones throughout the project, which is why we offer fixed price services. For each new project that we begin, we create a Milestone list with the dates for completion of that milestone and the money owed. There’s also an initial payment and a portion of the money that will be paid out after sign-off and approval.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact answer without more information from you. However, once we have a features list from you, then we will ballpark your project for you. In addition, the price is dependent on the options that are chosen; for example, building one responsive web application costs less than constructing two separate native applications (one each for iOS and Android).

The most cost-efficient way to develop an app is by building the MVP, or Minimum Viable Product. This means creating the fewest number of features possible to get your product out there and test customer response. Additional features can be added on later as needed.

Immediately upon starting your project, we will have a preliminary stage of design and development. This is because our team consists of 20 full-time skilled developers that allows us to get right to work on your project. Although depending on the scope of the project, we may need to readjust our schedule slightly so that the correct team member is available, typically always begin with wireframing followed by some form of design concept.


Our customer care team and dedicated personnel are with you every step of the way in creating web applications your dream of.


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We’re the greatest problem-solving team in the business, capable of developing cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses. To PITCH only high-quality mobile apps, high-quality websites, and simple to use fully engineered commercial grade web-based applications/dashboards.

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Andrei Odeski
Andrei OdeskiCEO & lead of software architechture design

Founder and CEO of the company, CTO of the pre-IPO publicly traded company. Mobile
entrepreneur with over 23+ years of coding experience and ten years of management
experience, mobile and backend software developer. Finished UBC, Langara, has gone
through 4 different accelerator programs, finished courses in business management,
worked as a mobile developer, team lead, CTO, CEO. Andrei has created three startups,
including a successful mobile development company. Ninja in high-quality software design
and getting companies out of software development troubles, instrumenting solutions for
exceptionally complex software architectures. Developed large-scale growth strategies for
successful startups picking the strategic growth path in technology choices company
makes that last where company can ride on that success. Andrei has specialized in highly
scalable and maintainable coding projects involving Financial tech, medical software,
security applications, and e-Commerce. Also been involved in several projects involving
improving effciency and smarts of products. Effective in delivery of IP patentable solutions.

ChadVP Project Management & Product Delivery

Chad has 12+ years of hands-on experience in world-leading companies in fnance and
production-critical environments. Co-Founder of Fortify Enterprise with over 20 years of
development experience and ten years of management experience, manages companies
development pipeline, works with clients, and makes sure company stays within our
estimates for development, and everybody stays happy. Expert at cutting costs and timely
delivery of the product. Exceptionally successful management experience from banking
software development industry / Financial tech, very practical and focused on customer< success. Chad has experience breaking complex processes into pieces that can be handled in an agile way, bridging the gap between the developers, project managers, and< clients. Make sure what we agreed to is upheld, and we have a solid road map to completion.[/fusion_person][/fusion_builder_column][fusion_builder_column type="1_3" type="1_3" layout="1_3" center_content="no" hover_type="none" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" background_position="left top" background_repeat="no-repeat" border_style="solid" border_position="all" margin_bottom="50px" animation_direction="left" animation_speed="0.3" last="true" first="false" border_sizes_top="0px" border_sizes_bottom="0px" border_sizes_left="0px" border_sizes_right="0px" min_height="" link=""][fusion_person name="Alex" title="VP Software Development" picture="https://fortify.pro/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/4-300x300.jpg" linktarget="_self" pic_style="none" hover_type="zoomin" show_custom="no" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" picture_id="402|medium"][fusion_separator style_type="single solid" top_margin="0" bottom_margin="0" sep_color="var(--awb-color3)" border_size="1px" icon="" icon_circle="" icon_circle_color="" width="" alignment="center" class="" id=""/]

Alex is Senior Developer and team lead. Alex has almost 25 years’ worth of senior software
development experience and ten years of management in coding and improving software
solutions. He is the guru of deep coding, where he can go into the software and fx things
that no one else can or is willing to go that extra mile. He is a careful planner and
development lead, and he has experience as a CTO, development lead, customer
engagement technical developer, strategist, and release manager. Co-Founder of Fortify
Enterprise with superb organizational skills and technological know-how, Alex can execute
and lead the team to technical breakthroughs even in the most challenging situations.
Alex developed a series of cross-platform applications for major tablets, phones, and
computer systems. Connected apps are to be used both by the end users and on display in
retail stores and participated in all stages of the development – from the project planning
and original design to release and support. He has led large teams with numerous echo

BentleyVP Business Development, Investor Relations

Bentley has had a strong 15-year business acumen and entrepreneurial drive since he
founded his first company in high school. He is an energetic personable team leader
focusing on strategic organizational goals, driving business metrics, and exceeding
targeted results. He has been involved in business sectors and invested in e-Commerce,
Social Enterprise Technologies, and Mobile technologies.
Corporate business development expert and deal maker where diffcult release decisions
are made. Former KPMG senior management and working with large corporate clients.
Builds relationships and strategic negotiations. When deal-making needs to be done or
new partners brought on with various contracts, has contacts in Canadian government and
international politics experts. Able to reach out through his corporate channels to make
deals happen quickly.

FredrickSenior Software Systems Architect

Guru of deployment and delivery. With over ten years of experience coding on the mobile
and other software systems Dev ops and delivery specifications. Fredrick has been involved
in his products and the multitude of financial technology projects both on mobile and
desktop. He is very versatile in delivering mixed with his product and project development
experiences both from difficult situations.
We experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in Mobile
Technology for leading market players. A firm believer in teamwork. Have worked to build
quality teams, resulting in a healthy and robust workforce for the organizations and skilled
in Android, Java, Project Management, Project Analysis, Team Building, Project Scope
Strong in OOPS, MVC, MVP & MVVM architecture.

VinceAndroid UI/UX Developer

Exceptional Android professional. Very talented software developer with many years of
experience in the mobile industry locally grown from UBC. Vince is a swift developer, there
have been cases where he has finished 20 assigned tickets per day, and once he gets
going, you can not stop Vince from enjoying his coding experience, and he will get the job
done. Vince follows all the new trends and technologies in software development and all
his know-hows he constantly writes to grow his repertoire of tools. If there is anything that
needs to be done quickly and effciently, Vince is there. He is our emergency backbone