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Every challenge is a puzzle waiting to be solved.

We create innovative solutions for our clients using the latest advances in technology and development. Let us help take your business idea to the next level.

Our full-service engagements and a la carte services are carefully planned to fit your project budget and delivery timeline.

If it’s soup-to-nuts mobile app development services that you need, our team will work closely with yours from Concept Discovery to Application Development. Our discovery process identifies the most important features and requirements to ensuring the app we develop for you gets the attention of everyone who uses it. If you already have an app but want to freshen it up, we offer Enhanced Design services where we can revise and optimize your existing design or create a whole new look from scratch to execute your end vision. App Refreshers will kickstart a stalled or underperforming app while Upgrades enable your app to take advantage of features in the latest versions of iOS or Android.

Fortify Services

We do all kinds of iOS development work including implementation of complex logic, integration of chats using our secure patented encrypted communication technology, customizing your existing code, and bug fixing on iOS. We can also publish your app to the AppStore, we have a record of getting apps approved in less than a day.


We do Android support and implementation of UI as well as custom programming, as well as multi language integration. By implemented our pattern approach to coding we eliminate most of the common issues in event driven programming giving your app the speed advantage.

Web development

We can integrate your app with a web back end and be able to support multi protocol transmission of data so that a customer can access functionality from multiple sources, being it a Tablet, a stationary computer or a mobile device.

Cloud Systems

We work extensively with Vultr, EC2, Amazon DigitalOcean droplets and media storage to maximize effectiveness and cost performance of your app by layering the data flow to achieve the best performance while keeping the price to the minimum.

Gaia Landscaping App
Gaia Landscaping App
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Gaia Landscaping App

The Gaia Project is a cross platform landscaping management system. Its main goal is to replace manual paper reports done by landscapers to their managers in multiple different landscaping companies on-site. Gaia Project have other secondary goals, which in essence attempts to improve in the quality of landscaping work and to ease landscapers performing their work.

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headcheck app headcheck app
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Headcheck App

HeadCheck is a complete concussion management and identification tool used by trained professionals in sport. With HeadCheck’s iOS app users can: Run pre-season and post-injury concussion assessments, track athlete concussion health, and get instant comparison to past test performance

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Roulette App
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Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is a gaming app that enables users to place bets with play money or real money and withdraw their winnings. It's got statistics feature for players to get more detailed analysis of the betting history.

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